Top Ten Most Popular Episodes

Welcome to Modern Farm Business podcast, hosted weekly by Dean Heffta. This podcast translates proven methods and best practices from the business arena to today's modern farm leadership environment. Learn from forward-thinking experts and discover how to apply time-tested techniques to make real improvements on the farm...

Below is a current listing of our Top Ten most downloaded episodes. It's a good place to start if you're new to the podcast. You can access all of our episodes at the podcast's home page, or search and subscribe to "Modern Farm Business" in Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast provider.




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#10: Max Armstrong - From the other side of the table

In this episode Dean welcomes one of the most trusted and lauded voices in ag media for the past 30 years, Max Armstrong. Get Max’s perspective on various topics in agriculture and the business of farming through the lens of his rural Indiana upbringing and his decades of farm broadcasting experience.


#9: Think differently about crop fertility

Dean has a conversation with Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, around the science and economics of making crop fertility decisions for the farm. Learn about yield factors like air and water management, nutrient management, plant genetics and nitrogen management. How important are they? And just how important is it to apply supplemental potassium and phosphorus to the soil? All this and much more to make you challenge your current attitude around crop fertility.

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#8: Economics for the farm leader

Few people truly understand the economic trends and forces that are at work in the world, constantly influencing the planning, decision-making and profitability of business leaders everywhere. In this episode of Modern Farm Business® podcast, Dean sheds some light on the world of economics. His guest is a nationally-renowned expert and speaker on the grain and energy markets, and founder of The Kernmantle Group—an economics research and training consultancy, Dr. Matt Roberts.

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#7: The four responsibilities of a farm leader

Being a leader means many things—but there are a few core responsibilities that the leaders of successful businesses must tend to well. Join us on this episode to learn more about those responsibilities and the three different roles that exist in the farm business.

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#6: How to bring my vision for the farm to life!

In this premiere episode, we began looking at the foundation of today's successful farms by exploring the benefits of crafting and embracing a Vision Statement for your farming operation.

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#5: Does your farm have a strategic advantage?

The goal of business is to build a sustainable competitive advantage. This episode discusses not only what the leader must overcome in their day-to-day, but the choices they need to make in order to grow their farm's resilience.


#4: Cut the cost of drama

In this episode we welcome Cy Wakeman to explore her experiences and perspectives on leadership. Wakeman is a drama researcher, global thought-leader, and New York Times best-selling author who is recognized for cultivating a counter-intuitive, reality-based approach to leadership. Her philosophy offers a new lens through which employees and executives alike, can shift their attention inward, sharpen their focus on personal accountability, and uncover their natural state of innovation simply by ditching the drama.

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#3: Investing in tomorrow's ag leaders

As leaders, part of our responsibility is investing in and developing the next generation of leaders. This affects how we raise our children, how we dole out responsibilities to our team, and how we choose to take part in community involvement. Our guest for this episode is Nancy Barcus, Chief Operating Officer of Agriculture Future of America (AFA), an organization which helps young leaders engage in the world of food and agriculture. She shares with us some of AFA's principles and how the organization interacts with and shapes today's young people into tomorrow's leaders.


#2: Finding great people for your team

In this Modern Farm Business podcast, Dean Heffta builds on the "people" aspect of running a farm by helping listeners streamline the recruiting and hiring process. Find more candidates with the right "fit" by following the process of Foundation, Clarification, Communication and Selection.


#1: Seven things you forgot to ask about employees

"What should or shouldn't I ask interviewees?"
"How do I know I'm compensating employees fairly?"
"What if I need to let someone go?"
These common questions and many more will be answered in this episode, as Dean welcomes his guest, HR professional Andrea Majors.