Welcome to the home of the Modern Farm Business® podcast archive. Each week from June 2017 to January 2019 this insightful podcast translated proven methods and best practices from the business arena to the modern farm leadership environment. Host Dean Heffta brought timeless lessons from forward-thinking experts and taught us how to apply time-tested techniques to make real improvements on the farm.

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1. How to bring my vision for the farm to life!

A Vision Statement is a clearly defined vision of the future of the farm which serves to lend clarity and direction to employees, leaders and other stakeholders in the operation. In this episode, we'll begin looking at the foundation of today's successful farms by exploring the benefits of crafting and embracing a Vision Statement for your farming operation.


2. Clarifying my values to build a solid farm foundation

As your growing farm becomes more complex and dynamic, you'll have interactions with new people and face more tough decisions than ever before. Core Values define for team members and stakeholders the non-negotiable values that your operation should be upholding at all times. Once integrated with the culture, they will influence every decision and interaction on the farm.

003-Four Keys.png

3. The four responsibilities of the farm leader

There are three types of roles in every business—that of the specialist, the manager and the leader. Leaders are the folks who ensure everything gets done while managing the organization's anxiety and their own. In this episode we look at the Four Key Responsibilities of today's successful farm leader.

004-Strategic Advantage.png

4. Does your farm have a strategic advantage?

A successful farm leader must focus on building a sustainable competitive advantage and a farm that lasts. Being able to learn quicker and implement better will help that farm leader develop a distinct strategic advantage over their competition. In this episode, we learn the importance of being World Class at either innovation, customer relationships or efficiency, and Really Good at the other two.