The Three Mindsets of Farm Leaders

Most producers are great at concentrating on the production side of agriculture, and that's good, because this is typically the thing farmers enjoy -- focusing on day-to-day operations and getting the crop planted and harvested. This is what author Michael Gerber would refer to as the Technician mindset. In his book The E-Myth Revisited, Gerber explores the three mindsets of business owners: Technician, Manager and Entrepreneur. We've found that this mindset model translates very well to the world of farming, because your farm is, after all, a business.

Water Street Solutions Director Dean Heffta discusses how Gerber's model can be applied to your farm, and how transcending the technician role can only work for the benefit of your operation as you learn to think "bigger picture" and explore new opportunities to grow and improve your business as well as the people you trust to staff it.