Getting Better Results Means Asking Better Questions

The most important question a farm leader can ask himself or herself is, "What is the one factor that's going to make the biggest difference to my operation's success?" Good questions open up all kinds of possibilities and help us focus on the most critical aspects of our business. Getting used to asking yourself questions like these forces you to step back and take a look from the outside in.

Maybe as a farm leader you find, through such questioning, that you could use some help developing your financial skills to facilitate better communicate with your lender. Maybe you find your negotiation skills lacking when it comes to landlord relationships. Maybe it's managing the people on the farm more efficiently that would make a big difference to the operation. Asking the right questions of yourself begins the process of moving from where we are now to where we know we need to be.

Water Street Solutions Senior Director Dean Heffta explains how to ask the right questions and talks about Water Street EDGE® , a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity beginning next week in Lincoln, Nebraska.