Give your family the gift of a secure future

Throughout the year we find our day-to-day operations focusing on what's urgent right now. This time of year, however, affords us the opportunity to slow down a bit and turn our attention to what's really important, and that means the family we cherish.

There's a reason it's often said that the future is promised to no one: it's 100% true. It can never be too soon to plan how you're going to ensure a secure future for your family. If you wait to begin planning until you have more time, it could be the very last thing you put off.

Jason Ladman shares the unfortunate story of a farmer who misjudged how much time he had left, leaving his loved ones in real financial trouble after his untimely passing. The lesson is clear - DO NOT WAIT to begin planning with an advisor or begin reviewing a plan you might already have in place, no matter what time of year. Your family deserves a future of security.