Identifying farm culture is the first key to great hiring

What's the best way to tell if an employee will be the right fit on your farm? First, have a look at what the current culture is like in your operation. If you don't like what you see under that microscope, then it's time to start shaping your culture to match the vision you have for your business.

How do you deal with a problematic employee who just doesn't share that vision or care about how his own actions are at odds with it? And at the core of the matter, how do you take control of the culture on your operation and shape it so that everyone knows what's expected? Dean Heffta shares the story of a farmer who had to deal with an employee whose behavior radically differed from the norm on his farm. Learn how he handled the situation and how to set the bar so that every employee sees it and takes a personal investment in your operation's culture.