Is your farm attracting the right employees?

Every growing farm faces the subject of employmentwhen to hire, whom to hire, whom to keep, and sometimes...when to let someone go. Your employees are a direct reflection of the quality of your operation, and their enthusiasm and attitudes are infectious. That can work to your advantage as a farm leader, but unfortunately it can also have a negative impact.

In such a case it might seem more difficult to do what needs to be done, than to just maintain the status quo and let a bad seed weigh the operation down. You might feel like your options are limited or your hands are tied, but sometimes there's really only one way to come out of it successfully. In his latest Finance First blog at Farm Futures, Water Street Solutions CEO Darren Frye tells the story of a farmer who had to deal with that bad employee we all dread having on our payroll, and how partnering with an HR firm helped guide him through the process to a satisfying conclusion.