Farming with family brings joy but not without challenges

Though working a farm side by side with your family comes with innumerable blessings and benefits, the least of which is being able to take pride in your group effort to sustain a hard-earned family legacy, it doesn't come without its challenges. The challenges presented by working with family members often aren't the kind of issues you'd experience in a non-family business. For instance, how many traditional coworkers have you ever found yourself dining with on Thanksgiving right after a grueling business meeting where tempers flared?

Lance Burditt shares an example of a family farm that found itself in a conundrum when one-by-one the farmer's grown children decided they wanted to return to the farm. It sounds like a great problem to have, but it presented a real issue of whether their return was even financially feasible. You want to be able to welcome back family to the business, but sometimes it's hard to remember that the business' needs come first - it might be another family member, but it's also another farm employee; and it may be a family business, but it is a business after all.