What are your farm's numbers telling you?

As you get your final look at 2015 and close out that business year, what are the final numbers telling you about your operation? Is there somewhere you could be better using your money? How are your input costs? Is there room to "trim the fat" a bit and not negatively affect your production? A good, hard look at your financials can really end up making a big impact on your bottom line.

One farmer we work with decided to have his Ag Finance Specialist do a financial analysis because something just seemed...off...to him. After that analysis it turned out his breakevens were significantly higher than his peers. He decided to dig a little deeper into this issue with his specialist, and they uncovered much higher production costs than we've seen across the board as a client average. It seemed he was paying too much for his fertilizer.

The farmer worked with Water Street Solutions to streamline his agronomy program - paying particular attention to his fertilizer costs - and find the best possible solution to his breakeven problem. Find out how things turned out by listening to Director Lance Burditt as he shares this story with farm broadcaster Dewey Nelson of the Rural Radio Network.