Challenge your thinking in 2016 with three different mindsets

As we begin a new year and slow down a bit to take stock of where the operation is now, this winter is a good time to refocus plans toward achieving the farm's goals. Director Dean Heffta translates Michael Gerber's business book, E-Myth Revisited, to the environment of the farm CEO. Gerber describes the three mindsets of the business leader--the technician, the manager and the entrepreneur.

These roles translate really well to the farm. The entrepreneur focuses on the big picture view and helps decide the direction to achieve the vision that leadership has for the operation, while the manager delegates who should be doing what on the farm and the technician is mainly task-focused. All three of these roles are integral to the farm, as with any business.

Heffta explains ways to help you step into other mindsets with intention and what you can learn from that exercise, as well as information about our informative quarterly farm business e-newsletter, Smart Series.