Find opportunities to learn this winter

It's no secret that people who pursue learning opportunities are usually the ones who get ahead in life. A lot can be said about the advantages of being a lifelong learner. People who seek out continued education are often creative thinkers who as a matter of course become better problem solvers.

Keep this in mind as you're finishing up harvest this season and turning your attention toward preparation for the spring. This is a great time think about what can be improved for next year - what better strategies can you employ to lead your operation at a higher level going forward? Think about what additional skills you might need and what sort of thinking might help better position your operation for change.

Dean Heffta tells broadcaster Dewey Nelson about a wonderful learning opportunity coming to Lincoln, Nebraska and Champaign, Illinois this November and January, respectively. Water Street EDGE® brings together experts in agricultural and global economics, weather tools, market drivers, finance, risk management and more, for two days of workshops, networking and speaker presentations that will give you plenty of knowledge to take back and apply to your operation.

Listen to the interview below, and be sure to check out your opportunity to get the 50% Early Bird discount on your registration to Water Street EDGE at