Big decisions for farm leaders: It's lonely at the top

As the farm leader, you've constantly got so many different aspects of the operation swirling around in your head between finances, markets, suppliers, employees, vendors - oh, and of course that little thing called getting the crop in the ground - that it really is a challenge at times. But it's a challenge that today's farm leaders are willing to take on because the people of agriculture are nothing if not resilient and creative.

It's a lot of weight to carry around, and it requires you to make a lot of major decisions on behalf of your farm. Even if you delegate tasks, ultimately the decisions come back to your authority. That's a pretty stressful responsibility, and many farmers have found some relief from that stress by finding a trusted advisor to provide perspective, advice and support, helping them to stay on track toward the goals they've set for their operation.

Darren Frye writes more about this topic in this week's Finance First post on Check it out at the link below: