Shape your farm's culture to help reach goals

In any business, the environment and culture can work either against or for that business. The best way to make your farm's culture work for you is to not let it shape itself, but to intentionally shape that culture to reflect the company values you'd like to portray. Think about what matters most - teamwork, family, accountability, personal development, etc. - and plan ways for your business environment to model, reward and foster those values in employees.

Water Street Solutions' Senior Director Dean Heffta talks with Dewey Nelson about a few ways a farm leader can begin to build a farm's culture to work for the benefit of the operation. He suggests, among other techniques, building in a value of continual learning. There is no downside to encouraging your employees to continuously develop themselves. Better, more well informed workers make better, more well informed decisions. Learn more by listening to this week's radio interview.