Make time to talk with landlords about the future, part 1

Many farm landlords are eager this time of year to learn how their land is performing, especially in light of any chatter they might be hearing lately about agriculture as an industry. If a landlord drops by for a quick visit or a combine ride, take that not only as an opportunity to fill them in on how things are going on your individual operation, but snatch it up also as an opportunity for some "big-picture" education regarding where you'd like to take your farm in the years to come.

Jason Ladman, Director at Water Street Solutions, explains how and why to find out what's on your landlord's mind so you can address those issues and reassure them of your plans for the future. Let them see that with a team effort, you can foster a long-term, win-win relationship. Listen to more as Jason speaks with Dewey Nelson in this week's radio excerpt.