Prepare now if you're thinking about winter land purchases

We are hearing a lot of buzz out there from farmers about land becoming available for rent or sale in the coming months. It might be something to start mulling over once harvest is wrapped up. Acquiring land is a very emotional proposition for farmers, and having accurate and up-to-date financial information about your operation can go a long way toward dispelling some of that emotion and replacing it with facts and evidence to make for more informed decision-making.

Darren Frye gives you the rundown on what information you'll need to be able to make good decisions if a land opportunity arises. It starts with a land analysis to get a clear picture of your current land situation, and it ends with a feasibility study on any new potential land before you jump the gun and just buy or rent it without proper reflection. There's a lot in the middle of all that; to read it you'll have to follow the link to and Darren's Finance First blog.