Always be prepared for the unexpected

A healthy dose of optimism is beneficial for any leader, and farm leaders are no different. But no matter how rosy an outlook you have, it's also prudent to be smart and defensive in protecting your operation. It's not only up to you to plan for the future success of the farm, but also to protect the assets you have right now.

Most farms, as they grow and shift, end up acquiring new assets along the way, and we've found that frequently it falls by the wayside to keep their insurance up-to-date along with those new acquisitions. In fact, many farmers tell us they hardly ever talk to their insurance agent – maybe they've not even spoken in years. That's a risky way to do business.

CEO Darren Frye has some crucial advice for anyone who might be in this boat, and he explains why proper coverage for your assets is vital in this week's Finance First post over at