Lean on a trusted advisor as you lead your farm in 2017

A farm leader in today's ag industry has to be more than just a good grower. You've got to be a resilient marketer and statistician, a successful businessperson, and an efficient producer. You also must lead effectively and foster healthy, cooperative relationships--not only with your own employees, but also with vendors, lenders, landlords and everyone else your operation depends on. It's a lot to take on, and even when you delegate responsibilities to others you trust to get things done, the buck ultimately stops with you.

Water Street Solutions Senior Director Dean Heffta talks with Dewey Nelson about the stress a farm leader deals with as all these responsibilities rest on your shoulders. Dean suggests one key to handling it all and keeping perspective is to find someone - either inside or outside of the operation - to act as a trusted advisor. That someone will be a person you can trust to offer solid advice, challenge your thinking, keep you focused, and act as a sort of coach to help you fully think through major decisions.

Listen to Dean explain why it doesn't necessarily have to be lonely at the top, in this week's radio interview below.