Passion for detail is key in dealing with farm's books

Having well maintained records is pivotal in getting a handle on your farm financials. Those records all come down to your bookkeeper. Who is keeping your books? How much time do they devote to bookkeeping? Are the farm's books organized, detailed and up-to-date? Does your bookkeeper have a passion for numbers and detail?

Ag Finance Specialist Tim Brhel has a story to share about an operation that found itself months behind in bookkeeping. The farmer's wife had been saddled with keeping the books by default, but she didn't have the spark in her belly for that kind of detail work, so gradually they fell behind as the invoices and bills began piling up on her desk. Not only did this mean that the farmer had trouble making informed purchasing decisions; it also got so bad as to create a rift in their marriage.

See what they did to address their bookkeeping issue - and how they fared - in Tim's interview with Rural Radio Network's Dewey Nelson.