Make time to strengthen landlord relationships

Running a farm is challenging work, and it's not for the weak of heart or the undisciplined. With all the things you're responsible for as the leader of your farming operation, you might be tempted to let relationships take a back seat. When it comes to employees, vendors, or even your landlord, it's important to maintain a healthy and communicative working relationship.

Having good relationships with your landlords can really pay off big dividends in the long run. Getting to know your landlord means learning what they want in a business relationship; what information they need to feel informed and satisfied. Keeping landlords in the loop and finding out about how they work can help you tailor your style of communication. Giving them what they want to know on a schedule that fits their needs can help earn you a reputation as a "go-to" farm, opening the doors of opportunity down the road.

Director Lance Burditt begins his two-part conversation on landlord relationships with ag broadcaster Dewey Nelson.