Make time to strengthen landlord relationships, part 2

Director Lance Burditt concludes last week's conversation on the importance of building strong relationships with your landlords. It's part of creating that reputation in the area of being the go-to farm.

But it doesn't stop with you. This week Lance talks about getting the next generation of farm leadership on the right track to foster those relationships as well. Prepare your future leaders ahead of landlord meetings and take them along, and then follow up with an after-action review to examine how the meeting went.

And it's not just your own landlords you should reach out to - introduce yourself and your future farm leaders to other local landlords and farm managers. Be intentional and proactive. Ask questions to find out what it is they like to see in their tenants. This will help shape your farm to become the local go-to operation and prepare your next generation for the skills they'll need to build over the coming years.