Overcome the challenges of leading people on the farm

Chances are, there are more people working on your farm than just you. Wherever you find people working together, you're likely to find some sort of miscommunication, conflict or other interpersonal issue - it's just human nature. As a growing operation adds more family, employees, vendors, et al., it becomes a more people-oriented venture, which can lead to additional frustration on the topic of communication.

It's important to remember that everyone thinks and influences others differently, and what works for you might not really have the same impact on others. Not everyone thinks the same way you do; each person brings to the table their own experiences and filters the world through their own eyes based on those experiences. They also have their own unique skills and approaches to problem-solving.

Dean Heffta talks about how to embrace these differences and motivate each person individually, rather than assuming that whatever motivates you will work for everyone. Join the discussion with Dewey Nelson of KRVN.