Planning next year's crop is like constructing a skyscraper

If you've ever seen a skyscraper being built from the beginning, you know that the majority of the time and effort goes into what's below ground. Having a good foundation is the start of any construction project, and the taller the building, the more sturdy that foundation needs to be.

Water Street Solutions Strategic Account Manager Lance Burditt explains how your crop plans for next year are like that skyscraper. Burditt says you have to start with a solid foundation--and that means begin planning early for the following year's crop. For the 2017 growing season, you ought to be looking at laying that foundation today.

Begin planning now, and you leave plenty of time to roll with any changes that come along the way, making it easier to refine and dial-in your plan as you go. For more on this topic, check out his interview with KRVN's Dewey Nelson.