Move beyond emotion in making land decisions

For farmers, land is a very emotional topic. Whether you own, cash rent or sharecrop, you work hard to steward that land properly. Sometimes, though, tight margins bring the need to reevaluate a piece of land and its value to your operation. Contemplating giving up land is a proposition that can weigh heavily on a producer's heart.

A well-maintained repository of relevant data is a critical reference tool for many decisions on the farm, and the production history of each piece of land is no exception. When you have the ability to sit down with a financial advisor and examine a field's current production, holding it up against the current and past production numbers of your other fields--and its own production history--helps take the emotion out of the decisionmaking.

Tim Brhel gives some examples of how a few of the farmers we've encountered have dealt with just this sort of problem, in this week's KRVN interview.