Managing the farm's time and money in 2017

There are two commodities on every farm that have the greatest impact on the operation as a whole. Nope, we're not talking about grain or livestock. It's your time and your money -  and in particular, how you spend them - that has a defining influence on how your operation progresses toward its goals.

Just like everyone else, you've got limited supplies of both money and time, so how you choose to use them is vital. When you use money or time to take advantage of an opportunity, you're cutting into the supply that you need to draw from in the event that another - possibly even better - opportunity comes along. So how do you best weigh your options before investing your valuable money and time?

Lance Burditt talks with broadcaster Dewey Nelson about this idea, and gives a producer something to think about: What sort of questions do we need to ask ourselves to help decide when and how to spend our time and money for the operation? How can we assess and revamp our efficiencies to get the most out of these important commodities? Listen below.