Podcast - Eliminating generational frustration w/Cam Marston

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"What's wrong with this generation?"
"Why is this generation so lazy?" 
"When I was his age..."

If you find phrases like this coming out of your mouth with any regularity, you might like to hear what generational change expert Cam Marston has to say on the subject. He's our guest on the new episode of Modern Farm Business™ podcast.

Cam is a leading expert on the impact of generational change on the workplace. He has authored several books on the subject, and he and his firm, Generational Insights, have provided training and consultation to hundreds of companies and professional groups for over 20 years. Cam’s expertise has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, the Chicago Tribune, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Money, and Forbes, as well as on Good Morning America, CNN International, and the BBC. Learn more about Cam Marston and his work at cammarston.com and generationalinsights.com.

To listen to our enlightening sit-down with Cam, click below.