Prepare now for future farm leadership


The younger generation of farmers today is filled with lots of grit and anticipation for taking the reins of leadership. You might be looking forward to carrying on leading a family farm or even starting a new operation with a friend or neighbor, but either way it's an approaching first venture in farm leadership.

As you look toward this future, you might be feeling anxious or a bit overwhelmed at the prospect, and that's completely normal. The key to alleviating some of that apprehension is to start today with an open, learner's mindset. Ask yourself, "What is it that I don't know?" "What is it that I don't know I don't know?" and "How do I find learn more about both?" Realize that nobody—even farmers who've been at it for decades—nobody has all the answers. Begin asking questions now. It's never too early to start learning.

In his latest interview with ag broadcaster Dewey Nelson, Water Street Director Dean Heffta helps young farmers get focused on acquiring the skills they'll need to one day lead an operation with confidence. Listen to the entire conversation below.