Think ahead to 2018...and beyond


What's going through your mind as you ride in that combine this fall? Is it your plans for the upcoming year? No? Perhaps you're wondering how you can even begin thinking about 2018 when '17 still isn't even in the books yet.

Water Street Senior Director Dean Heffta suggests getting a head start on plans for the future. He says begin with, for instance, a broad plan of goals for the upcoming 5-10 years. Then start dialing it in as time goes by. Using projections for your operation are a huge help, so if you don't have those, you might seek the help of an ag finance adviser. Once those projections are a tool in your belt, look at goals for 2018 and start crafting action plans to achieve those goals. Narrow your areas of focus, identify what sort of help or resources you'll need, and plan to keep yourself accountable for execution.

To learn more, listen as Dean talks it over with Associate Farm Director Dewey Nelson of KRVN.