Podcasts keep today's listeners entertained and informed


Communications technology has really changed, even in the last 20 years. The public used to have to submit to broadcasters’ schedules in order to consume their entertainment and news. Advances in Internet broadband speeds and digital storage capacities have recently produced a major uptick in how much entertainment is now delivered on-demand. One of those on-demand formats which has really gained popularity over the last decade is the podcast.

A podcast is a lot like a radio program—but instead of listening when the station decides to air it, you can listen whenever you want, as many times as you like. Podcast creators are people from all over the world who publish content they think folks might be interested in. You can find podcasts containing news commentary, comedy, hobbies, film and literary discussion, religion, original drama fiction, licensed additional content from television and movie studios...the list goes on.

You can listen to podcasts on your Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Finding and subscribing to podcasts is a different process depending on the format of your mobile device. 


Apple IOS devices: Open the Apple Podcasts app on your device. You can access featured and popular podcasts by using the buttons along the bottom of the screen. Browse categories of podcasts with the “Categories” button at the top left, or press “Search” to find a specific program.


Android devices: Open the Google Play app on your device and download a podcast player app. (Free apps include Podcast Addict and CastBox; or you can choose a highly rated premium app like PocketCasts for $3.99.) In the podcast app you can search for topics of interest or specific podcast names. 

In both Android and iOS, once you have selected a podcast, you can select individual episodes to listen to or download for later listening. You can also subscribe to podcasts, choosing through your settings whether to automatically download new episodes, just get reminders when they are released, or to only download new episodes when connected to wifi or only when your podcast app is open.

Podcasting has been around since about 2006, and it’s only getting bigger as an entertainment medium. You’ll find content in your app from providers such as NPR, The New York Times, TED, Entertainment Weekly, Fox Sports, and hundreds of independent podcasters. Much like the YouTube dynamic, anyone can now produce their own podcast and be distributed through iTunes and other aggregate networks if they’re willing to put the time in. 

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While we’re on the topic, you might want to check out Water Street Solution’s podcast, Modern Farm Business™. Our podcast explores ag and business topics on every farmer’s mind, and translates best practices from the business arena to today’s modern farm leadership environment. Listen and learn from forward-thinking experts, and discover how to apply time-tested techniques to make real improvements on the farm.

Modern Farm Business is available on Apple Podcasts and most other podcast providers. Just search for us in the app, or listen online at www.modernfarmbusiness.com. Follow @myfarmbusiness on Twitter for updates and additional info, and like us on Facebook @modernfarmbusiness.