Build your landlords' understanding this fall


Not having much control over your own rent costs, it's normal that a farmer can begin to feel anxious about making forward-looking plans for their operation, especially if a large percentage of the land you farm is rented. The key to helping alleviate some of that stress is to develop good relationships with your landlords. Be proactive and transparent with landlord relationships. If you have several landlords, remember to treat each of them as individuals rather than lumping them all together.
Update your landlords on the operation's progress all the calendar year instead of just filling them in on how well their land is producing every harvest. Demonstrate your leadership skills and forward-looking thought processes. Share not only your farm's story, but also the story of the current ag industry in general. Seek feedback from your landlords to improve your business and your communication.
Click below to hear Water Street Account Manager Jason Ladman cover this topic on KRVN radio with ag broadcaster Dewey Nelson.