Keep the farm ahead of its next curveball

Farm Futures pink.png

Sometimes it seems like nothing ever goes as planned. Life is really good at throwing us curveballs just when we least expect them, and the farming business is no different. At times the blow dealt by one of these unexpected turns can leave us reeling and knocked off-balance. It's difficult to face losing control over a situation we thought was going to play out in a completely different way. Regardless of how it came along or how it affected us, there's still one thing we can control—our response.

In his latest Farm Futures column, Water Street Solutions CEO Darren Frye discusses response patterns of certain personality types as well as various other factors that typically go into shaping a response to stress and the curveballs life can throw your way. He also suggests, especially when looking at financial challenges, to face them head-on, recognize them and take action.

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