5 steps to better utilize your "off season"

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You might typically think of the winter season as "time off" from farming--a time when your attention turns toward the office work of the operation, perhaps even squeezing in a vacation between office time and the frenzy of the holidays. But when you use your office season to its full advantage, you can begin taking critical steps toward defining how the operation handles the upcoming crop year.

This "off season" can actually be a great opportunity to lay the strategic groundwork for pursuing the farm's goals throughout the upcoming season. This doesn't mean attending the same farm meetings you go to every year or even planning the impending crop year by the same methods you've always used.

Water Street Solutions CEO Darren Frye has compiled five steps to use in putting together a better plan for how to use your office season to its full potential in crafting the year ahead of your operation. You can read all about this five-step checklist at Farmfutures.com.