Communication is vital to the future of the farm

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Many farmers work with family members every day in their business. This time of year we typically gather with family for holiday celebrations, so it becomes a good opportunity to think about our communication habits and patterns, particularly in regards to those whom we work with on the farm. It's a good thing to examine, as communication affects the future of the farm. 

Lack of communication about the direction of the farm not only creates a problematic gap in future planning and how to make decisions for the operation; it's also commonly tied to feelings of anxiety and uncertainty--especially for the younger generation: "Is there even going to be a place for me in the future of this farm?" Questions such as these can begin to really eat away at a person if they are not addressed. Yet many of the younger generation feel it's not their place to bring it up, so they remain silent and distressed as the worry builds over time.

In his latest post at, Water Street CEO Darren Frye helps combat these fears and open up communication on the farm. Read on to find out what you can do in your operation to allay the fears of the younger generation and improve the clarity around your farm's path into the future.