Build your 2017 marketing plan

When it comes to crafting marketing plans, it's easy to get caught up in trying in vain to predict what the market's going to do, or to bank on the market hitting certain prices. The biggest problem with these strategies is that they're extremely time-bound; if your plan doesn't work within your predetermined time frame, you're stuck going back to the drawing board and starting over.

Dean Heffta explains to ag broadcaster Dewey Nelson that the best marketing plans for 2017 will account for seasonal market tendencies, one's cash flow timeline, logistics and grain movement, evaluating and possibly utilizing market or elevator tools to manage risk, and perhaps most importantly but most often neglected: a mindfulness of one's own tendencies, strengths and weaknesses in the area of marketing.

Dean explores tips and tools to allow you to better understand yourself and examine your own modus operandi. Taking a hard look at what makes yourself tick empowers you to build better and more long-range plans as you work toward becoming an overall better decision-maker and marketer, which helps you keep your farm on the course you've laid out.

Listen to the rest of the interview below.