Find good help for the farm, part 2

Dean Heffta picks up where he left off last week, speaking with KRVN's Dewey Nelson about how to determine who is the best candidate for a vacant position in your operation, and it all starts well before the interview process.

As a farm leader, hiring is an important and sometimes stressful undertaking. Hiring someone is an investment, so you want to be sure you're going to hire the right person for the job. Dean says it starts with a very specific defining of what it is you actually require. Determine on paper exactly what responsibilities you need someone to take ownership of. After that, list all the skills and competencies your ideal candidate will possess, and build a focused job description taking all that into account.

The interview is crucial, so instead of canned questions, take the time to construct interview questions that will help you uncover evidence in the candidate of those skills and abilities you desire. And finally, fully explain to the candidate what the work atmosphere is like and what your expectations of them would be if they're hired. 

Listen to Dean explain it all below: