Keep the farming experience feeling great

Everyone has that one specific facet of farming that resonates with them on a deep, personal level and brings them the most joy in their work. For some it may be simply working with their hands, for others it might be digging into the numbers or crafting a thoughtful plan each year to bring the farm closer toward its goal, and still others might just love working outdoors. Whatever it is that appealed to you most about this career, there's likely one part of it that speaks to you and makes you feel great more than any other.

Water Street Solutions Account Manager Jason Ladman tells farm broadcaster Dewey Nelson that if you, as a farm leader, can search your soul and determine what it is about the job that brings you the deepest level of joy, you can bring that enjoyment to your working day more often and experience a feeling of personal success that will help you through what you might consider the more "tedious" aspects of the job.

Listen to the KRVN radio interview here: