Lead the farm like a chess champion

The key to becoming a great chess player is recognizing that each potential move will set off countless different courses the game can follow. It's all about analyzing each available opportunity and thinking through every likely iteration that could follow even several turns down the line, in order to decide which move to make.

Similarly, any time a farm leader faces an opportunity or decision based on the investment of the limited resources of time or money, he or she must dig in and really think through the implications of acting on that opportunity. Moving on this opportunity means probably giving up another (possibly better) one that might come along later. It's advisable to examine the implications of every major time and capital decision so you can either play or pass with the confidence that you're making the right decision.

Water Street Director Dean Heffta talks with Dewey Nelson about how feasibility studies on the farm can help you analyze how the "game" ahead could play out based on the consequences of any potential move, or the opportunity at hand.

Listen to the full interview below.