Farming - it's not all fun and games

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. That's true not just with physical possessions, but with jobs as well. Heaven knows not everyone is cut out or would even desire to be a farmer. But even within that noble profession there are so many different hats one must wear, that not every hat fits each farmer as well as the next. There are parts of the job that one farm leader adores, while yet another abhors the same task.

Think about what it is that makes you love being a farmer. Is it the time in the field planting and harvesting your crops? Maybe it's being able to sit and craft your operation's in-depth plans before the season begins? Perhaps it's digging into the numbers after harvest and seeing how all the hard work paid off? Maybe you just like working with your hands.

When you are doing those things you love to do, time flies by quickly. It's almost not like work at all. But every silver lining has a cloud - that one task you really don't like doing at all. It feels like a slow trudge through waist-deep mud to even think about undertaking it. It's easy to get wrapped up in doing what you love and push the other stuff off because you don't want to think of it, but you know it must be done. It's a real balancing act to take care of everything.

Jason Ladman talks with KRVN's Dewey Nelson about this problem, and gives three questions to ask yourself, to help you build on your strengths and still take care of the drudgery of those "not so fun" tasks. Listen to the clip below.