Prepare your mind for the spring season

Even in the "off season" a farm leader's mind is never free of his duties and responsibilities to the operation. Decision-making on behalf of the farm is a year-round commitment, and there are some times on the calendar that bring more stress and emotion around the agronomic and business decisions to be made. Uncertainty going into a new crop season is likely to affect the emotions and cause feelings of fear, greed or anxiety. Such emotions are very good at hijacking a farmer's decision-making process.

It is possible to combat the crippling effects of emotions like these. Your best weapon against them is to incorporate empirical data into a systematic decision-making approach. Keep a close eye on your financials and always know your breakeven number. Rely on the numbers, look at your historical trends, be well-versed in your operation's financial standing, and you can more easily keep those distracting emotions at bay.

Water Street Solutions Director Dean Heffta gives four specific steps you can take to help deal with emotions during your decision-making process, as he talks with farm broadcaster Dewey Nelson.