Face equipment decisions with confidence, part two

Jason Ladman continues last week's discussion with Dewey Nelson, getting in depth on the topic of deciding whether buying or leasing new equipment is the right decision for your operation. Ladman shares a series of questions to ask once the decision has been made that your operation will assuredly benefit from new equipment, to help you evaluate individual leases -- or calculate the right amount for a down payment, should purchasing outright be the best decision.

Ladman urges caution when approaching leases, saying though competitiveness in the market has enticed dealers to offer some really good deals, not all all of them are as good as they might seem upon initial examination. He shares another series of questions to help you dig down to the meat of the lease and recommends enlisting the assistance of an ag finance expert to help put together a clear analysis of all the lease data. This data, paired with your current and projected farm numbers, will help you make the best equipment decisions to move your farm forward.

Listen to the KRVN interview below: