When people are the problem, understanding is the answer

A necessary facet of farm growth is the addition of more workers. When your operation started maybe a handful of family members was enough to get the job done, but growth brings more complexity and it takes more hands to get through the farm's day-to-day. That usually means that you, as a leader, are now saddled with not only getting through that day-to-day business, but also with handling the inevitable issues that come along with a larger staff...and that's what you might call "people problems."

Nobody thinks the same as any other person. Each individual brings their own psychological baggage along for the ride, and their own experiences throughout life have shaped who they are and how they interact with the people around them. But there are ways to inspire the dedication and cooperation of every employee, and it all starts with gaining a level of understanding about each person.

In this installment of Finance First, Water Street CEO Darren Frye discusses the benefits of personality assessment tests and how to use them in your farming operation to make your "people problems" more manageable so you can better focus on the big-picture direction and leadership every farm needs. Read it and find out more, only at FarmFutures.com.