Steer your operation toward the future

As a farm leader, you're responsible for seeing the operation through its day-to-day business, which can be challenging in itself, especially during planting and harvest. Orchestrating when and how each moving part operates to get the tasks done correctly and in the right time frame is no easy chore. But another vital facet of your leadership is providing the vision of what success looks like for the farm in ten or twenty years, and providing the guidance to keep the operation moving toward that goal.

To keep on track toward those clearly defined goals, a leader needs to utilize solid navigational tools and regularly track the operation's progress, making tweaks and adjustments here and there as needed. The tools best used to gauge a farm's path are not simply production numbers, but also financials such as forward-looking accruals and projections. When used as part of an integrated decision-making plan incorporating a reliable feedback loop as well as unbiased insights and advice, the path toward your vision of success becomes much clearer.

Listen to Dean Heffta discuss this topic with KRVN's Dewey Nelson.