Common factors of successful farms

Despite the economic downturn farmers have seen over the past three years or so, some farms have continued experiencing success. Of course there are individual, unique factors that might contribute to those success stories, but there is also a common thread woven among all of them which is something every farm can use to influence its own success: It's the decisions made on that farm, and the process of arriving at those decisions.

Every decision ever made on a farm in the past has directed that farm's path, impacting the financial state and success of the operation, and shaping where it stands today. The farms managing to pull success out of today's poor farm economy have leaders who keep the operation's goals front-and-center in their decision-making process. They know the farm's numbers and use them in that process. They seek counsel from trusted advisors in making the difficult decisions that their own emotions sometimes won't let them make. These leaders know that every decision counts--even the ones that don't immediately or obviously affect the bottom line.

Dean Heffta explores the impact of empowered decision-making on the farm with KRVN's Dewey Nelson. Listen below.