What's the most valuable thing about farming?

If you sit a moment and reflect on what you enjoy most about farming and what it is you value most about it, you'll probably come up with something rather quickly. Whether it's working the land, being around family and people you enjoy, the values you employ in making your farming decisions, or any number of other things, it'll probably come to mind without too much effort.

What sort of plans do you have in place to ensure that future generations in your operation are able to enjoy that same aspect of farming? Have you prepared the operation and its future leaders to keep your legacy intact when it's time for you to step down?

In Darren Frye's latest Finance FIrst blog post he discusses the idea of giving your farm a more solid grounding for years to come by running it today as a future-minded business. This includes detailed financial analyses and business plans for your farming operation as well as any side businesses. The crafting of these plans should involve all major stakeholders of your operation, and you might even seek out an external advisor you can trust.

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