What's on the horizon for your farm?

Being an effective farm leader means always keeping an eye on the future--that is, the future you've intended for the operation. Having a steadfast vision of where you want the farm to be in the coming five, ten, 20 years is a big help when it comes to weighing decisions today. Is the decision you're faced with going to help you guide the farm toward its intended goals?

In this week's Finance First post, Water Street CEO Darren Frye discusses being intentional about pursuing your future vision of the farm, communicating with others involved and guiding the operation always toward the vision you're fulfilling. If you don't maintain that intentionality, you could quickly find your plans starting to go off the rails.

Read more about how to keep the future in your sights as you lead the farm through both difficult and simple choices in Darren's column at FarmFutures.com.