Preserve what's most valuable for the farm's future

What's the first thing that comes to mind if someone were to ask you what matters most to you about farming? Tradition and your legacy? The values you use in making decisions for the farm? People you've worked with or learned from? The free lifestyle and the opportunities it provides?

Thinking about this is a great way to get the ball rolling and help you start putting a plan in place to carry on to future generations the things that you value most in the operation. Coming up with what you prize most about farming is the easy part. It's the next step that starts to get tricky and requires you to put in some effort and time.

Lance Burditt talks about how the current generation of farm leaders can get moving on planning the goals and priorities for the operation's future. In his interview with ag broadcaster Dewey Nelson, he'll break down the hows and whys of getting started on the planning process that will prepare yourself and the next generation for the farm's future.

Listen to the full interview below.