The freedom and opportunity of farming

This week our nation celebrated its Independence Day and the many freedoms that independence has granted us. A farm leader in the U.S. is not just free as an American, but you also experience the freedoms of running a business--setting your own schedule and those of others, leading the operation according to the decisions you make, experiencing a great variety that each day has to offer...

Along with those great freedoms you enjoy as a farm leader, however, there come great responsibilities to yourself, to others, to the operation itself, and even to those who led before you. It can be a great weight, carrying the responsibility of making the best decisions possible in order to do the best for the operation and the generations yet to come.

In this week's Finance First post, Water Street CEO Darren Frye encourages farm leaders to be proactive and seek out opportunities to improve their decision-making, and he provides a few ideas to get started. Read what Darren has to say, only at