Build operation efficiency as a farm leader

Leading a farm is about more than planting, harvesting, then planning next year's crop. It's also about considering things like finances, equipment, world issues, employees, family dynamics, business relationships, the list goes on...and all that information needs to be boiled down and interpreted into a plan to lead your operation into a brighter, successful future. That future begins with every decision made today to improve the farm right now.

Though growth of the farm in size and scope might be an eventual goal, it's no secret that in the current ag environment, it might not be the best immediate goal for many operations. This means a lot of farm CEOs are concentrating on becoming more efficient to make an impact, honing different aspects of the operation to become a lower-cost producer.

Water Street Solutions CEO Darren Frye has some great ideas to get the farm leader started on this path, and he shared them in his column this week at