The freedoms and opportunities of farming

Being a farmer has definitely got its advantages. It comes with the freedom to make your own schedule and enjoy a variety of work each day, as well as the opportunity to carry on a family tradition and pass that tradition down to the next generation.

But there's a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of today's farm leaders too. Deciding where the operation is headed for the future and just how to get there is a stressful proposition. Many farm leaders question themselves along the way, asking:
"How do I know I'm making the right decisions for the farm?"
"What factors should I consider when making these decisions?"
"How do I know when the next generation is ready to handle more of these responsibilities so I can begin stepping back once in awhile?"

How can a farm leader start answering some of these questions? Listen to Water Street Solutions Director Dean Heffta talk it over with ag broadcaster Dewey Nelson in this KRVN radio interview.