Protect your operation in all the right ways

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A farm leader is responsible for protecting every person and asset in the operation, whether it's the employees' well-being, equipment maintenance, the farm's numbers and progress toward its long-term goals, or ensuring the operation's legacy is intact and ready to carry on to future generations. But sometimes protection of new acquisitions, new entities or side businesses can fall by the wayside, and the leader can tragically find their operation's insurance coverage lacking when it's needed most.

As a company, one of the most common problems we find when we start digging into finances and insurance on a client farm is that of the operation being underinsured or having improper or outdated coverage. Water Street Solutions CEO Darren Frye has advice on what to discuss with your farm's insurance agent, and how often, to make sure that your operation doesn't fall into the trap we have seen happen to too many farms. Read his blog post at