Make land decisions less emotional


Land is an emotional topic for most farmers. You take a sense of pride over a piece of land that was acquired through many tribulations, if not by you then possibly even generations ago. Family land creates emotion because it's a special thing to be able to hand it down through the years. Other types of land create emotion as well, whether it's land you acquired early in your career, rental ground you're stewarding that belongs to someone else--even future land you haven't even acquired yet but have been looking at for awhile. Farmers just have a sense of duty and attachment to the land they cultivate.

This emotional attachment can get in the way and cloud your judgment when it comes time to make hard decisions about acquiring new land. It should be obvious that your real friend when looking at a land acquisition is your numbers, but it can be really difficult to strip away the emotion from these decisions.

Jason Ladman of Water Street Solutions recently shared with broadcaster Dewey Nelson some ways to help keep emotion at bay when looking at land decisions. Listen to Jason explain the benefits of looking at black-and-white data, analyzing the right financials to do a feasibility study for your operation before getting caught up in emotion of buying or renting new ground.